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We create branding photos and videos that attract your ideal clients.


Elevate your profile


Amplify your status


Get the right clients

Branding Portrait Photography and Videography for coaches and consultants that want to dominate their market

THE CELEBRITY Branding Package

Be seen as an AUTHORITY of your market. We define, build and launch your brand to give you that instant celebrity status within your industry. When you’re ready to go national or global this is the package that will accelerate your Brand Image for your ultimate business success.

THE INFLUENCER Branding Package

Being the person of influence or thought-leader of your service based business, eg. coaches, consultants, therapists, speakers and authors, means that your  Branding Photography and Brand Image must be carefully crafted to build on your existing reputation and achievements to rapidly boost your position in your industry.


Serious start-Ups and new Entrepreneurs have a vision, a passion and the drive to succeed. Establishing a reputable brand that will make you look credible, authentic and trustworthy is the key to starting off in the right direction.


What messages are your staff headshots sending to your prospects and clients?

Creating a great first and lasting impression with all your staff being presented in the right light will instantly establish trust and credibility with your customers, suppliers, and partners.


Capture the significant events, the milestones and the celebrations in your business, perfectly, every time, so you can promote and position yourself as an authority brand in your market.


Every Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Author need to clearly define their Brand Image in order to attract the right clients, promoters and partners. Our workshops will teach you the 6 step process we’ve developed and use with our high-end clients to create their IKONIC Brand Image.

What We Do For You ...

We’re known for the best Personal Branding Photography in Melbourne.

Creating IKONIC Branding Portraits for Solo Entrepreneurs who provide a professional service like Coaches and Consultants. Everything we do is designed to grow and amplify your brand. We invest our time and energy to unpack your brand to create your Personal Brand Blueprint, prepare you for an amazing photo shoot and during your shoot coach you to get the right poses and expression so you always look the best you possibly can and your photos are on-brand.

Do you have an impeccable Personal Brand? Are you Media Ready?

Do you want to be seen as the key person of influence in your industry, a thought leader or a highly respected and credible specialist?

Are you ready with the ‘must have’ photographs that the Media will require at a moments notice to promote you in the on-line and off-line world?

This is the product where we bring it all together, with … THE CELEBRITY.

We’ve got you covered not only for your Branding Portraits but you will spend time with your Fashion Stylist and Makeup and Hair stylist for your entire shoot so that you will feel fantastic and your photos will look absolutely amazing!

We include;
• Branding Portraits that are tailored to your brand and are exclusively photographed by Kosta Iatrou.

• Our Fashion Stylist that will determine your best style, colors and outfits, take you on a shopping exhibition, if needed, and be on set to style you throughout your photo shoot.

• Our Make-up and Hair stylist will take care of everything for your hair and make-up during your shoot.

You’re welcome to read more, browse through our photos and request a Product information pack.

Business Owners, Consultants, Coaches, Speakers, and Authors are all Entrepreneurs. Running their own businesses, creating something of value and contributing greatly to our community and society. Our modern technologically advanced and information age means that with a decent website, being active on a few social media platforms and a mobile phone just about anyone can call themselves, an Entrepreneur. Brilliant!

Well, yes and no. It’s liberating and empowering and offering a multitude of opportunities for many people, that’s for sure. But at the same time, how does one find the ‘right’ person that has the best solution to solve your problem? And how will you know they are the right person so I don’t end up wasting my time and money?

This is where it’s critical to have an influential Personal Brand. A brand that is memorable, credible and authentic positioning you as an authority. Creating the right perception in your prospect’s mind results in more quality leads and the right kind of clients. The brand you create and continue to build is what people will remember you for. So presenting yourself as credible, authentic and personable with your Branding Portraits means that you have the best chance of creating that critical first impression, maintaining a high reputation and staying top of mind.

A couple of Headshots won’t do, you’ll need a series of photographs that are tailored to your brand that bring out your personality that communicate your message.

We invite you to read more about what we offer, view our Branding Photography or request a Product info pack.

Do you have professional Headshots for LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter and the other Social Media platforms?

Creating or updating your website and need a fresh, dynamic and professional look to keep you on brand?

Or perhaps you’re applying for a new job and you want your CV to get noticed?

You know that your prospects will only want you, and your products & services, when they know, like and trust you. This is why your Personal Brand is vital, to position yourself as a professional who’s credible, authentic and is the real deal.

Like most people we photograph you’re probably not a model, a bit apprehensive (or a lot) and not sure if you’re going to look good anyway… well, that’s not a problem, because we coach you, step by step, patiently giving you the time so you ‘get it’, on how to pose and how to get the right expression to bring out your energy and personality and importantly be on brand. Plus we guarantee it with a 100% Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee.

You can learn more about the prices and packages, check out our Headshots portfolio or download the product info pack for more details.

As a Business Owner I hear you. You want to represent your business professionally with photos of your employees so they look credible, friendly and approachable. But how many of your staff are eager to be photographed? No one, I hear you say. Exactly! Unless your team are models who love the camera, why should they? It’s not part of their job description. So what’s the solution? We have developed a method to get the photos you need and for your team to actually enjoy the experience of being photographed.

We come to your office, or nominated location, and bring the studio to you. We conduct the photo shoot in your environment where your team is familiar with their surroundings. This saves on stress and time travelling to and from our studio. But that’s not the best part.

When we photograph your employees we coach every single person on how to pose for their body shape, how to get the right expression that’s truly theirs and ensure that every one is happy with their photos before we finish. We shoot from our camera and into a laptop and show each person on the screen their photos as we go so they see exactly how it’s coming along. We coach them so they understand what they need to do and hence empower them through our process which builds their confidence and enthusiasm that translates into great photos.

We’ve found that this is the best way for you to get the photos you need and also make sure your team enjoys the process, so they actually like their photos. The result is a win for you and a win for your employees.

Every major milestone in your business is a time to be celebrated and cherished. Delivering your Keynote presentation at conferences, conducting seminars and workshops, launching your book, networking events, celebrations plus openings and launches are all key milestones that need to be captured professionally, not for prosperity’s sake, but more importantly, to further elevate your Personal Branding and your position as a person of influence.

With great event photos, you can use them to publicise your milestones through many media channels to raise your profile and attract the right clients. And not just the one time, once your milestone is photographed you can use the photos for years to come to continually build your brand.

To see what great event photography looks like check out our portfolio, read some more information or if you’re after some prices download a product information pack.

What Our Clients Have To Say …

“The photos are simply outstanding.”

“Business Headshots are vital for connecting with your client base and I needed someone who would produce mine to an outstanding quality whilst making the process as painless as possible. Kosta achieved this and beyond! The photos are simply outstanding. His direction from behind the camera was straight forward, clear and delivered with patience. I highly recommend IKON IMAGES for your Business Headshots.”

Sharon Pearson

The Coaching Institute

“I can’t thank Kosta enough for helping me stand out in such a competitive marketplace.”

“After being coached by a former Oprah producer on media presence, the first thing she said to me was that when booking a guest, how they appeared on camera was critical. The images Kon took of me blew not only me away, but producers, journalists and editors from Good Morning America, Times Magazine and Fox News. I can’t thank Kon enough for helping me stand out in such a competitive marketplace.”

Ben Angel

Ben Angel - Agent Of Influence

“I’m now using these headshots on all media branding and so many doors are opening in TV land, with Channel 7 and SBS News.”

“Kosta nailed the photo shoot for me! I wanted a look that was fresh, trendy and enabled my personality to burst through. I got just that and more! The extra attention he gave me in providing me with different filters and colors along with sizing fit for social media sharing was gold!
If you want an experience…not just a photo shoot, then Kosta is your man! I’m now using these headshots on all media branding and so many doors are opening in TV land, with Channel 7 and SBS News. Wooo! Thank you, Kosta.”

Sam Muttimer

ThinkTank Social

“I went with the top package and have no regrets…”

“I can’t recommend Kosta more highly. The whole outfit is so professional, with hair and makeup and Kosta does everything to make you feel comfortable. I am thrilled with the end result. I went with the top package and have no regrets – I have 7 stunning photos which can be used in different mediums. Excellent service!”

Kate Christie

Time Styler

“Kosta really cares about you and is genuinely passionate about providing you with the best results.”

“I needed to update my business shots as part of a branding update, and Kosta was brilliant in helping me to achieve this vision. Kosta really cares about you and is genuinely passionate about providing you with the best results. I love his process – from the initial design consultation to the shoot itself, working with Kosta felt like working with a friend. A friend who really knows his stuff, and is able to literally capture you in the best light. Highly recommended!”

Jason Fox

Dr. Jason Fox

“Kosta is one of the best photographers I’ve ever worked with.”

“Kosta is one of the best photographers I’ve ever worked with. He manages to capture the authenticity of the moment which I think is essential for anyone wanting to build a personal brand.”

Glen Carlson

DENT Global

“Kosta is the authority in personal branding photography.”

“Kosta Iatrou is the authority in personal branding photography. He adds value to experts brand by communicating their essence authentically and professionally. I felt really looked after and truly like a VIP when working with Kon. He made me feel comfortable and at ease the whole day. I especially loved the choosing photos session after the shoot as I could see the photos immediately.”

Natasa Denman

Ultimate 48Hr Author

“Kosta made me feel completely relaxed during the shoot and the whole experience was actually quite fun!”

“I knew I needed professional headshots done if I was to be taken seriously in business (no more selfies for me!) but I kept putting it off because I thought it would be too expensive. Kosta is very reasonably priced and he is so professional and good at what he does. Kosta made me feel completely relaxed during the shoot and the whole experience was actually quite fun! I am very happy with the end result and can’t recommend Kosta highly enough!”

Kate Vines

Melbourne Property Advisory

“The photos were so good we had a very hard time short-listing the best shots.”

“I hired Kosta after seeing his work at a conference. Even though I didn’t live in Australia, I arranged business there and flew down for my photo session from Singapore. Kosta was highly professional, extremely organised and amazingly fun to work with. The photos were so good we had a very hard time short-listing the best shots. In the end, I had amazing branding photos and the feedback so far has been simply fabulous. Choose Kosta, you will be thrilled with the results!”

Lindley Craig

All In The Mind

“These are exactly the results I was looking for when I hired Kosta.”

“Since working with Kosta and receiving my new business portraits, I have gained more business – through my website particularly – as a result. The inquiry rate from my website continues to grow, and when speaking to prospective clients I have had specific comments about how friendly/professional/approachable I looked on the website, and that encouraged them to contact me. These are exactly the results I was looking for when I hired Kosta.

Kosta makes the whole experience of being photographed, easy and enjoyable. I highly recommend him.”

Sarah Denholm

Improve Your Public Speaking

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