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Kosta Iatrou – Australia's #1 BRANDOGRAPHER (Branding Photography & Personal Branding Strategy)

We invite you to explore the key aspects of IKONIC Images and know the people behind the brand. You’ll be confident that you’re making a wise choice for you and your business.

The Problems We Solve

Our Brand Promise: Brand Smarter, Win Faster 

As an Entrepreneur and Business Owner, as a Coach or Consultant, Author or Speaker, you’ll have a brand, whether you’re working on making it great or not. As a result, there are many questions that must be answered. What is my brand? Do I know what it is? Have I documented each aspect of it? Can I precisely communicate my brand to Website Developers, Graphic Designers, Copywriters, Photographers and Videographers?

Most importantly, you need to see your brand from your client’s eyes. What is your Target Market seeing? How do they perceive your brand? And, what are they saying when you’re not around?

We use our Anonymous 2 Authority process to thoughtfully and deliberately create your unique Personal Brand.  


We unpack, clarify and refine where you’re at to develop your Brand-Image BLUEPRINT. This will demystify this thing called ‘Brand’ so you can now outmaneuver your competition.


Together we create a series of professionally and well-crafted photographs that portray the real you so you build a connection with your audience and nurture relationships to position yourself as an authority in your field.


You’ll be the most prepared you’ve ever been to launch (or re-launch) your brand and be seen as the credible, professional go-to person in your industry. We achieve this with our program the Brand-Image LAUNCHPAD

No Entrepreneur has limitless time, money and resources, so we help you Brand Smarter to Win Faster. After all, no one started their business to take on all the roles required from CEO to Cleaner and everything in between. As Entrepreneurs, we need to focus on what we are great at, with everything else done by other specialists. Together we can achieve maximum impact for the people we serve and deliver on the ‘WHY’ we created our business in the first place.

Why Work With IKONIC Images

Why us? Why not some other company? This may have crossed your mind. If it has, great, because this way you’ll really get to find out why you’ve made the right choice to work with us.

1.    The Branding Portrait specialists
We create powerful Headshots & Branding Portraits for Speakers, Trainers, Coaches, Consultants, and Entrepreneurs. It’s what we do best, and what we’re passionate about. We stay focused and up to date in our industry with modern skills, equipment and techniques. We know that everyone is different and we don’t all want the same things so we have both studio and outdoor locations available.

2.    Rave reviews from clients
Great testimonials from our clients for our Headshot & Branding Portraits.

3.    Photography by the photographer – Kosta Iatrou
A simple concept isn’t it? The person that designs your Professional Headshots and Branding Portraits Portrait photo shoot is the same person that photographs you as well. No salesperson, no students, and no amateurs. Your photographer is Kosta Iatrou, an AIPP accredited  professional photographer with over 15 years behind the camera.

4.    The professional experience
A photography session with IKON Images is not a rushed and unplanned photo shoot but a fun and enjoyable session. We carefully design your photo shoot so all you need to do is bring your clothes and have fun!

We design your photo shoot with you over the phone during your Design Consultation to ensure that it’s personalized and exactly what you want and need.

We conduct your photo shoot either at the studio (indoor or the outdoor studio) or on location (depending on the product purchased). Our clients always have fun at the photo shoot, it’s the most important ingredient! We take the time to remoec the nerves, making you feel comfortable and relaxed so that you enjoy your experience.

We show you the photos as we progress through your photo shoot so that you part of the creative process.  You can see exactly how we’re progressing, making the session much easier for you. At the end of each scene, we’ll pick the best image together, so when we’re finished your photo shoot you’ll know exactly which Branding Portraits you’ll be receiving.

5.    Responsive and attentive customer service
Your experience with us from the first phone call or e-mail to the delivery of your finished products is a satisfying and rewarding experience. 

6.    Photography products to suit your business requirements
We provide your Professional Business Portraits as Print Ready, Web Ready and Hi-Res images – the FIVE formats you need your photos in to cover the ways you’ll be using them.

Images are prepared for printing purposes, eg. magazines, newspapers, books, flyers, business cards, etc

Images are prepared for online applications, eg. websites, social media (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc), forums, YouTube, etc

Images are prepared for your presentations on MSPowerPoint and Keynote

Social Media
Your photos are cropped to suit the square and circular cropping of all Social Media sites. 

With your Branding Portraits, our Digital Retoucher will crop you out from the background. So you’ll be able to create banners and promotional graphics without the background, giving you maximum versatility.

7.    Professional and relaxed atmosphere with a friendly team attitude
Our clients tell us that they love the professional studio and prefer it so much more to a typical cold and empty warehouse set up or a part of someone’s house.

Our Products And Services

There are 3 CRITICAL stages in our Anonymous-2-Authority™  process and for each one, we have created products that will solve the problems you’ll encounter when building your BEST BRAND EVER™


Your Brand-Image


 Your Brand Essence


With Your Niche Market

Brand-Image BLUEPRINT™

First, you must know what your brand is all about before you can create content that reflects your personality in a cohesive, consistent and repeatable way. The best brands in the world invest millions of dollars to create the right brand that will position itself as the authority in their market. 

Brand In-a-Box, Branding Portraits, Branding Headshots and Event Photography

We have many photography solutions and we work with you to select the right one that fits your goals.

Our photography will position you as the authority in your market and give you instant credibility.

Brand-Image LAUNCHPAD™

We guide you through the  brand assets you’ll need to connect with your audience so you are seen as the authority in your market. What content to share, where to share it, how to create it, how to build your own content calendar. And all these brand assets we can create for you.

Our Ideal Clients

All businesses need to clearly identify their Ideal Clients. This allows them to focus all their efforts on helping the right type of people in their idea market.

Our business is built to help service based Entrepreneurs to build and launch their BEST BRAND EVER. We primarily work with Coaches (in Business, Marketing, Social Media, Sales, Wellness), Consultants (Accountants, Lawyers, Trainers, Creatives, Mentors, Property Specialists and more), Speakers (Keynote, Motivational) and Authors (business related).

There’s nothing worse than facing the same struggles every day and not being able to move forward, being frustrated at the lack of your progress and feeling like you could be doing so much better whilst your competition is miles ahead of you. Let’s discuss your key challenges and provide you with some clarity and direction. Having an authority brand will get you in front of the right audience every time, and this results in more and better sales. 

Meet Our Founder,
Kosta Iatrou

IKONIC Images was founded in 2004 by Kosta Iatrou after spending 14 years as an Electronics Engineer and Snr. Project Manager. So naturally, he then started a photography business, (an obvious progression, right?) Well, during his years working for Telstra and Nortel Kosta took up photography as a hobby. This quickly turned into a strong passion and love for creating well crafted and beautiful images. In the early years, the type of photography was wide and varied, from commercial shoots to products, babies, families, weddings, glamour, modelling and of course all things business related. It was in 2011 that Kosta decided to focus all his company’s efforts in one niche, Branding Photography. In an instant, all other types of photography were removed from the website and the sole focus was what Kosta enjoyed the most, which is a passion for bringing a sense of modern fashion and classic style to people in running their own businesses through the art of photography. Branding Portraits and Event Photography were the two services offered and in 2015 we started expanding our photo shoots to include understanding the brand of the client much deeper and with more rigour. From then on Kosta added the Brand-Image BLUEPRINT™ that unpacks, clarifies and refines a client’s Personal Brand and makes it crystal clear and easy to understand. And lastly, Kosta developed his Signature System, Anonymous-2-Authority™, a three-stage process that takes an Entrepreneur from being unclear about their brand, being seen as just another business owner and not really seen as anything special (which of course we all are) and finding it hard to stand apart from their competition to having a well defined and documented Brand, an ikonic series of photos that captures your brand essence and a plan that covers the what where, when and how to launch (or re-launch) your brand to position you as an authority in your niche.

So there’s a quick snapshot of the history of Kosta and IKONIC Images. Out next step is to continue to build IKONIC Images into a Brand Design Agency as we bring on additional resources to deliver Graphic Design, Copywriting and Videography. Plus we do have experts that we can recommend for Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin marketing, Web design and development, creating your Signature System and more.

Meet your IKONIC Team

Let’s meet the IKONIC team, a diverse group of specialists that play a vital role in creating your BEST BRAND EVER through our signature products: Brand In-a-Box, Branding Portraits, Event Photography, Staff Headshots, Brand Building Webinars and Workshops plus our very popular Brand-Image BLUEPRINT.

In front of the camera, there is you. Behind the camera, there are our specialists in Brand-Image, Photography, Make-up and Hair Styling, Image Consultancy, Digital Retouching, Multimedia design and many more depending on the type of photoshoot. Everyone involved makes up the team, including you. 

And it’s all the members of the team working together that delivers great photos. 

So rest assured, we have the right people to work with you and create the right looks, every time.

In fact, we guarantee that you’ll love your photos. This is why we have a 100% Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee with all our Branding Portraits.

Take a look at your team and see for yourself that you’re partnering with the best people to Brand Smarter and Win Faster.



Founder and Brandographer

As the founder of IKONIC Images Kosta overseas all operations and conducts the Brand Image Blueprint and Branding Photography. It’s all about branding smarter so you win faster.



Customer Support Ninja

Sarah manages the behind the scenes activities for the business making sure all operations flow smoothly. Plus she keeps Kosta in on track and focused.



Multimedia Designer

Goda is one of the most dedicated, forward thinking and detail oriented designers I’ve worked with in graphic design, illustration and multimedia creations. she’s also a very diligent photography assistant, plus a very talented photographer!



Digital Retoucher

If Dragos can’t retouch it it can’t be done. All our Branding Portraits are retouched by Dragos and he takes care of all the detail that makes each image shine.



Hair and Make-Up artist

Hair and Makeup is a must for a professional result and Amy rocks at it. She’s usually on fashion shoots and is outstanding.

Branding Checklist

I bet you’re thinking, so if I get some great photos of myself where will I use them other than the obvious, like my website and on Social Media? Plus, how do I use them? With or without graphics or text. What formats, portraits, landscape, etc? 

All great questions. So we’ve created a checklist that covers the 5 categories where you can use your photos to build your best brand ever.

We call them, the 5 Branding Channels and we’ve identified over 55 different ways to use your photos so you maximise the opportunities to amplify your Personal Brand, be seen as a key person of influence and attract more clients, promoters and partners.

Connect With Us

Getting to know someone means that there needs to be a conversation somewhere along the way. So let’s get started and connect. I’m sure you’ll want to get going on what you do best so don’t be weighed down by a brand that’s drab, dull and just same old, same old. Let’s build a kick ass brand together so you can proudly be seen as an authority with your BEST BRAND EVER!

Let's set a time to discuss your questions on a zoom call and get them clarified. Then you'll know if Business Headshots or Branding Portraits, yes there's a difference, are better suited for you, and if Business Event Photography can help amplify your brand.

We have a range of information packs that cover every aspect of our Branding Portraits, Staff Headshots and Event Photography so select the one that best suits your needs.  

Client’s Have The Last Say

“The photos are simply outstanding.”

“Business Headshots are vital for connecting with your client base and I needed someone who would produce mine to an outstanding quality whilst making the process as painless as possible. Kosta achieved this and beyond! The photos are simply outstanding. His direction from behind the camera was straight forward, clear and delivered with patience. I highly recommend IKON IMAGES for your Business Headshots.”

Sharon Pearson

The Coaching Institute

“I can’t thank Kosta enough for helping me stand out in such a competitive marketplace.”

“After being coached by a former Oprah producer on media presence, the first thing she said to me was that when booking a guest, how they appeared on camera was critical. The images Kon took of me blew not only me away, but producers, journalists and editors from Good Morning America, Times Magazine and Fox News. I can’t thank Kon enough for helping me stand out in such a competitive marketplace.”

Ben Angel

Ben Angel - Agent Of Influence

“I’m now using these headshots on all media branding and so many doors are opening in TV land, with Channel 7 and SBS News.”

“Kosta nailed the photo shoot for me! I wanted a look that was fresh, trendy and enabled my personality to burst through. I got just that and more! The extra attention he gave me in providing me with different filters and colors along with sizing fit for social media sharing was gold!
If you want an experience…not just a photo shoot, then Kosta is your man! I’m now using these headshots on all media branding and so many doors are opening in TV land, with Channel 7 and SBS News. Wooo! Thank you, Kosta.”

Sam Muttimer

ThinkTank Social

“I went with the top package and have no regrets…”

“I can’t recommend Kosta more highly. The whole outfit is so professional, with hair and makeup and Kosta does everything to make you feel comfortable. I am thrilled with the end result. I went with the top package and have no regrets – I have 7 stunning photos which can be used in different mediums. Excellent service!”

Kate Christie

Time Styler

“Kosta really cares about you and is genuinely passionate about providing you with the best results.”

“I needed to update my business shots as part of a branding update, and Kosta was brilliant in helping me to achieve this vision. Kosta really cares about you and is genuinely passionate about providing you with the best results. I love his process – from the initial design consultation to the shoot itself, working with Kosta felt like working with a friend. A friend who really knows his stuff, and is able to literally capture you in the best light. Highly recommended!”

Jason Fox

Dr. Jason Fox

“Kosta is one of the best photographers I’ve ever worked with.”

“Kosta is one of the best photographers I’ve ever worked with. He manages to capture the authenticity of the moment which I think is essential for anyone wanting to build a personal brand.”

Glen Carlson

DENT Global

“Kosta is the authority in personal branding photography.”

“Kosta Iatrou is the authority in personal branding photography. He adds value to experts brand by communicating their essence authentically and professionally. I felt really looked after and truly like a VIP when working with Kon. He made me feel comfortable and at ease the whole day. I especially loved the choosing photos session after the shoot as I could see the photos immediately.”

Natasa Denman

Ultimate 48Hr Author

“Kosta made me feel completely relaxed during the shoot and the whole experience was actually quite fun!”

“I knew I needed professional headshots done if I was to be taken seriously in business (no more selfies for me!) but I kept putting it off because I thought it would be too expensive. Kosta is very reasonably priced and he is so professional and good at what he does. Kosta made me feel completely relaxed during the shoot and the whole experience was actually quite fun! I am very happy with the end result and can’t recommend Kosta highly enough!”

Kate Vines

Melbourne Property Advisory

“The photos were so good we had a very hard time short-listing the best shots.”

“I hired Kosta after seeing his work at a conference. Even though I didn’t live in Australia, I arranged business there and flew down for my photo session from Singapore. Kosta was highly professional, extremely organised and amazingly fun to work with. The photos were so good we had a very hard time short-listing the best shots. In the end, I had amazing branding photos and the feedback so far has been simply fabulous. Choose Kosta, you will be thrilled with the results!”

Lindley Craig

All In The Mind

“These are exactly the results I was looking for when I hired Kosta.”

“Since working with Kosta and receiving my new business portraits, I have gained more business – through my website particularly – as a result. The inquiry rate from my website continues to grow, and when speaking to prospective clients I have had specific comments about how friendly/professional/approachable I looked on the website, and that encouraged them to contact me. These are exactly the results I was looking for when I hired Kosta.

Kosta makes the whole experience of being photographed, easy and enjoyable. I highly recommend him.”

Sarah Denholm

Improve Your Public Speaking

Some Of Our Clients