Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, and Authors need a remarkable brand that outshines their competition and positions them as the authority in the mind of their Target Market.

Kosta has over 14 years experience as a professional photographer running IKON Images and has been working with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers and Authors from all sorts of industries, company sizes and locations around Australia. Whichever Branding Portrait Photography package you choose you’ll have peace of mind knowing that Kosta and his team will create the best possible Branding Portraits that you’ll actually love (most people find this hard to believe), be on-brand with your business and comes with a 100% HAPPINESS Money Back Guarantee! (seriously!). And we have a well defined and proven system to ensure you won’t need to call on this guarantee, as no one ever has, however, it’s here for you so you have peace of mind that you’re covered.


Business Headshots are vital for connecting with your client base and I needed someone who would produce mine to an outstanding quality whilst making the process as painless as possible. Kosta achieved this and beyond! The photos are simply outstanding. His direction from behind the camera was straight forward, clear and delivered with patience. I highly recommend IKON images for your Business Headshots.

Sharon Pearson

Founder of The Coaching Institute


If you want to look your best for business on your next headshots, Kosta Iatrou is the expert to turn to. He is a true professional and will bring out the best in you!

Jacqueline Lehmman Vogel

Partner at Boyden Global Executive Search

Kon Iatrou - IKON IMAGES
Kosta out and about (yes he tried the beard look and some different hair styles too)

Top (L-R): Jo Hall (Channel 9), Josie Kearsey (KLASS Events), Ben Angel (Aust. leading Personal Branding, Lifestyle and Marketing authoity).

Bottom (L-R): Bobby Galinsky (Hollywood Film Producer), Justin Madden (ex Essendon star Footballer and Executive Coach), Jo Saunders (Wildfire Social Marketing and LinkedIN expert!)


Kosta, is Australia’s 1st BRANDOGRAPHER (Personal Branding Photographer + Brand Image Specialist) and is highly sought after by top Entrepreneurs to craft their  Branding Photography to position them as influencers, leaders and authorities.

With clients ranging from media savvy Entrepreneurs, Keynote Speakers, Best Selling Authors, dynamic and inspiring Coaches and Business owners plus, many highly respected organisations like CommBar, PRIA, PSA, KPI, EWIB and many more. Kosta specialises in creating a Visual Personal Branding portfolio for his clients through photographs that are authentic, fresh and aspirational to attract the right leads, connect and engage with their Target Market and increase turn over. You can see Kosta at work through his featured published articles available on his blog, his Branding Portraits often appear in print like the Melbourne Observer, News 3004 and 3000 Melbourne and at the sponsored and networking events for European Women In Business, Venues 2 Events, Key Person of Influence (Dent), Duke of Edinburgh’s Young Hustler Award and for Anthill Magazine.

Kosta and his team are ready to create your ikonic Personal Branding portfolio that will set you apart from your competition and take you from being anonymous in your market to an authority of your market.

IKON IMAGES - Lisa McGuinness Smith


On the day of your photo shoot you’ll bring along several outfits (don’t be shy, more is better, after all, they are of no use to you if they are sitting at home and not available for your shoot!). We will advise you on the best clothes that will suit you and then we’re set for a fun and dynamic photo shoot. We’ll coach you on how to pose the right way, so you don’t look awkward and silly, and help you get the right expression that communicates the message you want to send to your Target Market.

You’ll see the photos during the photo shoot so there’s no surprises at the end! We include you as part of the team so that you know exactly what’s happening and can see the results before your eyes.

Once we’re done, we go through the photos, there and then, so you can pick your favourite ones and we’ll guide you through this process to make it easy. Two weeks later you’ll receive an email with a link to download your new Business Headshots that have been prepared in the FIVE Media Ready formats: PRINT, HIRES, WEB, SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILE and CROPPED  photos plus an info sheet that clearly explains what each format is for and when you’ll need to use each one.

It couldn’t be any easier and we know you’ll love your new Branding Portraits that’s why we have a 100% HAPPINESS Money Back Guarantee. So, now it’s your turn to get your new Branding Portraits. Purchase the package and we’ll see you at the next Business Headshots Photo Shoot Day!


When we say, specialists, we don’t mean this is our favorite type of photography whilst we do other types of photography.
 No, we mean what we say. We are the specialists in Personal Branding photography. And not just recently either. We’ve been shooting Branding Headshots and Branding Portraits since 2005! So we know exactly what works for Coaches, Professional Consultants, Speakers, Authors, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.


Your peace of mind is the AIPP seal. This is how you know the photographer is a professional. 
And it’s not a case of paying the membership fees. Every year each photographer must complete a minimum level of ongoing approved education to keep their professional status. Our Headshots Photographer, Kosta Iatrou, has had this accreditation since 2005. So his not new to this, in fact our clients tell us that they feel at ease knowing that we are accredited with the AIPP


Our Branding Headshots come with a 100% HAPPINESS Money Back Guarantee! After your photo shoot we immediately go through the photos, and if you are not completely satisfied with your photos we’ve created we will refund your money 100%. We can also redo the photo shoot straight away or on another Social Media Headshots Photo Shoot day. This gives you peace of mind that your investment is protected by our 100% HAPPINESS Money Back Guarantee.


It’s easy working with Kosta. His relaxed confidence sets you at ease and then he uses his experience and creativity to make you look your best. I have twice had Kosta shoot executive photos for me and each time I’ve been impressed with the results. It’s always a fun process as Kosta patiently coaches you into a position that shows you in the best light. I highly recommend Kosta to work worth and bring out the best in you.

Rod Sherwin Iteration Manager, Business Analyst, Requirements Modeller on Agile Projects


Kosta recently photographed me for a business profile shot. Kosta was extremely professional and creative! He took the time to understand the sort of look I was after, which was fresh and professional. Kosta provided excellent tips on how we could achieve this look and I was delighted with the results. The studio session was good fun! Kosta was a pleasure to work with and his photography skills are solid. I recommend Kosta’s photography services, especially corporate profile shots.

Andrea Davis Senior Internal Communications Officer, Parks Victoria

THE ENTREPRENEUR Branding Package is ideal for Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, across your entire Website and on all other marketing collateral

THE ENTREPRENEUR Branding Package is for Serious Startups, Senior Executives and Business Owners looking to establish their professionalism and expertise.

Personal Brand BLUEPRINT

It all starts with defining your personal brand and creating the right plan to craft the photos to reflect your persoanl brand and position you as professional and credible in your market.

Posing & Expression

We’ll coach you on how to pose like a model, yes you, for your body shape, your persoanlity and brand, plus, how to get the right expression so you look authentic, real and genuine.

Ready to use photos

You’ll receive 6 professionally retouched Headshots, prepared in color and B&W,  in 4 ready to use formats and muliple sizes, to use immediately on your website, social media, and every other marketing collateral.

Personal Brand LAUNCHPAD

You’ll receive your Photo Matrix showing where and how to use your photos on Websites and Social Media. Plus, you’ll get our Brand Design Guide on how to easily create professional looking designs using your photos.

100% Guarantee

For your peace of mind we have a 100% HAPPINESS Money Back Guarantee. At the end of the shoot, if you’re not happy with them you can get a full refund.

Branding Specialist

Building Personal Brands is what we do every day. And with over 10 years experience we’ve refined our processes so you get the best possible Business Headshots.

AIPP Accredited

Since 2005, Kosta has been a  professionally accredited  photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

Global Usage

You get an unconditional license to use your new Business Headshots when ever and where ever you like. We highly reccomend you use them daily!

You will have a powerful series of either 5, 10 or 15 Branding Portraits (depending on the package you choose) delivered in all the formats and sizes you’ll need to maximise the use of your photos in a variety of applications, from life-size pull-up banners, the size of a door, to the smallest thumbnail profile photo for Linkedin. Your photo shoot is conducted at our studio or on location and will take around 3 to 4hrs (excluding make-up and hair styling) plus we’ll suggest the right clothes for your personality so that you look your very best.

Package prices start from $1,497 

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