Graduates, Career Builders and new Business Owners, this is for you!

What do graduates looking for work, professionals working towards their promotion and new business owners have in common? They all need to build their personal brand so they stand apart from their competition. Naturally, they’re all at different levels of their journey so a specific solution that’s best suited for each person is required. And that’s exactly what we’ve created for you. Three specific and targeted Headshots packages so everyone in these categories can power ahead and move forward on their path to career and business success.

Choose either the Career Hunter, Career Builder and Business Starter Headshots packages to help you achieve your goals and get you to the next level.

Package 1: Job Hunter

So you’ve graduated and ready to join the workforce. Brilliant! Now, how are you going to stand out from all the other hundreds and thousands of graduates? The best way is with a LinkedIn profile that portrays you as professional so you are seen as an asset to any company.

LinkedIn profiles start with a professional headshot where you can convey a warm, friendly and professional attitude. And this is where our Job Hunter Headshot package will make you shine. While everyone else is looking cheap and rushed with selfies and half baked photos your professional headshot will set you up and be the beginning of your professional profile.

Let’s get you started in the right way and speed up your path to a great new career. Secure your spot now for our next Headshots day.

Package 2: Career Builder

You have your first job or maybe your second or third and you’re wanting to progress your career and get that all-important promotion. Set yourself up for a promotion by accelerating your credibility as a professional in your industry. More experience, achievements, endorsements, etc on your LinkedIn profile is great but everyone can do that too. You need to go one step further and do what few do to get what few achieve. And that’s to keep your profile fresh and up to date by positioning yourself as being progressive, innovative and knowledgable.

The solution is to create some content yourself where you talk about your industry, where it’s going, what’s new, what you agree with and what you’ve learnt. And of course, you can’t be using the same old photo or even the same one all the time. You need to mix it up and have variety. Our Career Builder Headshot package gives you 2 professional headshots in both colour and B&W so you effectively have 4 headshots to use to promote yourself.

So let’s get cracking on your promotion and start positioning yourself as a great asset. Secure your spot now for our next Headshots day.

Package 3: Business Starter

Congratulations on starting your business! The first thing you’ll realise is that you immediately have a heap of competition. So the first question you’ll be asking yourself is … how are my future clients going to know I exist, like what I can do for them and trust me enough to buy my services? Great question. And the answer is … you must position yourself in the minds of your prospects as a trusted professional who can work with them to help them succeed at their goals. You need to connect with your niche target market and for that you must have all your messaging on-brand. The easiest and quickest way to make this happen is to be seen in many places by your target market, both online and offline, on social media platforms, advertising, website and more. And of course you can’t be using one or two photos everywhere so that’s why we created the Business Starter Headshots package so you have 4 professional headshots in colour, B&W and our popular signature look, in multiple formats and even in a cropped version with a transparent background! You get massive versatility with your photos so all your promotional needs are covered.

So let’s get cracking on building your business and positioning yourself as a trusted professional. Secure your spot now for our next Headshots day.


It’s easy working with Kosta. His relaxed confidence sets you at ease and then he uses his experience and creativity to make you look your best. I have twice had Kosta shoot executive photos for me and each time I’ve been impressed with the results. It’s always a fun process as Kosta patiently coaches you into a position that shows you in the best light. I highly recommend Kosta to work worth and bring out the best in you.

Rod Sherwin
Iteration Manager, Business Analyst, Requirements Modeller 


Kosta recently photographed me for a business profile shot. Kosta was extremely professional and creative! He took the time to understand the sort of look I was after, which was fresh and professional. Kosta provided excellent tips on how we could achieve this look and I was delighted with the results. The studio session was good fun! Kosta was a pleasure to work with and his photography skills are solid. I recommend Kosta’s photography services, especially corporate profile shots.

Andrea Davis
Senior Internal Communications Officer, Parks Victoria


Kosta has over 15 years of experience as a professional photographer running IKONIC Images and has been working with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers and Authors from all sorts of industries, company sizes and locations around Australia. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that Kosta and his team will create the best possible Headshots that you’ll actually love (most people find this hard to believe) and be on-brand with your career and business.


When we say, specialists, we don’t mean this is our favorite type of photography whilst we do other types of photography.
 No, we mean what we say. We are the specialists in Personal Branding photography. And not just recently either. We’ve been shooting Branding Headshots and Branding Portraits since 2005. So we know exactly what works for Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Authors, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.


Your peace of mind is the AIPP seal. This is how you know the photographer is a professional. 
And it’s not a case of paying the membership fees. Every year each photographer must complete a minimum level of ongoing approved education to keep their professional status. Our Photographer, Kosta Iatrou, has had this accreditation since 2005, so he’s not new to this, in fact our clients tell us that they feel at ease knowing that we are accredited with the AIPP.


Our Branding Headshots are designed for all major Social Media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and LinkedIn, your Website and Landing Pages, Media and Speakers Kit, Book Covers (front and back) Email Campaigns and on many more other marketing collateral.

Posing & Expression

We coach you on how to pose like a model, yes you, for your body shape, your personality and brand, plus, how to get the right expression so you look authentic.

Branding Specialists

Building Personal Brands is what we do every day. And with over 15 years experience we’ve refined our processes so you get the best possible Headshots.

Ready to use photos

You receive a professionally retouched Headshot, prepared in full color and ready to use on your website and social media.

AIPP Accredited

Since 2005, Kosta has been a professionally accredited photographer so you know you are working with an industry recognised professional.


You’ll be able to use your new Headshots on all your marketing and promotional activities such as your website, landing pages, business cards, banners, flyers and on your Social Media accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

The specific inclusions vary from each of the three packages so please refer to the product comparison table below to see exactly what’s included in each Headshots package.

Purposeful Design

We plan out your photo shoot before your session so all you do is show up and enjoy.


Expert Advice

We know what works to get the right expression, how to pose and what to wear.


You’ll enjoy your photo shoot as we make it fun and easy so you have a good time.

Photo Shoot

It takes between 30 to 60 min to create your new Headshots. 


Your Headshots come in colour, B&W and our signature look, plus multiple formats and sizes.

Delivery Time

Within 7 days you’ll receive your new Headshots professionally retouched and ready to use.

Print photos

Your Headshots are prepared in Print format used by magazines and Printers. 

Web photos

Your Headshots are prepared in Web format used by Web Designers and for Social Media posts.

Cropped photos

Your Headshots are prepared with the background removed so you can place any background behind you.


Social Media - Square

Your Headshots are prepared for Social Media profile photos in SQUARE format with a white background and with your corporate colour. 


Social Media - Circle

Your Headshots are prepared for Social Media profile photos in CIRCLE format with a white background and with your corporate colour.

B&W and Signature look

Your Headshots can be  delivered in rich B&W and our popular Signature Look.


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