Media Packages

Now let me very clear here, this is for serious Entrepreneurs who have their sights firmly set on having an IKONIC Personal Brand. Why? Because you will be totally blown away with the level of detail, the amount of care and attention you’ll receive and the completeness of this product. It was created to be the ultimate in visual personal branding. Imagine having your own personal stylist to help you pick the right clothes for your shoot, go shopping with you and be on set to make sure everything is just right, a professional make-up artist with you for the entire photo shoot, doing your hair and make-up so you amazing and the actual shoot lasting for 1/2 to a full day to create your ikonic visual personal branding photos. We’ll also cover your events, eg. your book launch, a keynote presentation, seminar etc as part of the whole process. And to make sure that it all comes together we’ll step you thorough our Personal Branding Marketing Plan so know exactly which photos to use, where and why so that you can implement your marketing strategies and greatly elevate your brand.