How to humanise your ABOUT-US page with photos

How to humanise your ABOUT-US page with photos

“The About-Us page is the most frequented page on any website.”

(ref: MOZ 9 Simple Tips For Making An About Us Page That Works For Your Brand)

The About-Us page is the most frequented page on any website (source: MOZ: 9 Simple Tips For Making An About Us Page That Works For Your Brand – Mar 2015). And this is because people want to know about you, the person/people behind the company, what makes you tick, your story and your personality. Focus on what problems you solve for your clients, why you are the right choice for them and let your clients and staff sing your praises. This will show the true depth and volume you have which will go a long way in building the critical Know-Like-Trust factor.

In a visual way, share your wins, awards, recognitions, achievements, media appearances, testimonials, your VIP clients, events you attended or have spoken at and behind the scenes action of you and your team. Show more, tell less. It’s easier to absorb visual content that’s authentic and you’ll hold the viewer’s attention for much longer.


1. State the problems you solve

Show how you deliver on the problems you solve, what you have delivered for your clients and the end products/services plus include their testimonials with their photos.


2. Keep it real and authentic

No stock images, this is not the place for pretty people all smiling and looking fake or cute and cuddly kids pretending to be business people. Keep it real with actual photos of you and your team, in action, having fun at work so you can show some of that awesome culture you have created, you at events, out and about, etc.

3. Toot your own horn

Photos of you and your big-name clients, sponsorships, promotions, exhibitions, VIPs, the people you associate with you at events. 

4. Include your team

At a minimum include a headshot of all your team and a short description of what they do for the customer and their role in the company. Go one better and show your team in action during their working day. The ultimate is to show a series of photos of your team having a great time at work, creating great stuff and delighting your customers. Show that you have a company worth showcasing and that people love working there. As a Solo Entrepreneur include photos of you in action – at events, on stage, conducting your business with clients, photos that give people insights as to who you are and what you do.

5. Keep it on brand

With the look and feel of the rest of your branding, your website and your marketing material. No blurry out of focus party drinking shots here please. Keep the look and feel of what you present, on brand. Show your personality, your character, something quirky about you and always keep it professional.

6. Be social

Include your Social Media feeds and timelines so you can share more visual content from other sources. Make your website easy for others to share.

7. Tell your story with photos

Include where you came from how you started, show some depth and volume in your history so that it gives people a sense of who you are as a person (people if you have a team) which adds huge amounts of trust and credibility. This will help fast track the Know-Like-Trust journey.

8. Add other photos for credibility

Your office, your awards, covers of magazines, the media you’ve been featured in (TV, Newspapers magazine or Radio), articles you’ve written, books you’ve published (contributed, co-authored or fully written) plus products/services.


9. Section off your About-Us page

Include small icons to head up each section so you can announce what you have to share quickly, like a Table of Contents.


Your Profile Photos need to be on-brand with your styling, posed in a specific way so you look appealing and attractive to your audience and that you have at least 3 photos for maximum variety and cut-through.

Here are some great examples by our clients using their Branding Portraits to connect with their prospects, share their story and establish themselves as credible professionals on their About-Us page.


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