Stephen Covey [QUOTE]

Stephen Covey [QUOTE]

Life is full of changes from birth to death and in between, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to make choices, or if not they might be made for us, and our journey will be guided by the principles and values we live by.

Being an Electronics Engineer and then a Snr. Project Manager before becoming a photographer and now having run my business for over 12 years I’m faced with changes daily, from minor schedule changes to photo shoots being postponed due to weather, changes in team members and the general business landscape as an Entrepreneur.

And with changes come choices. The journey in life, personal or business, requires choices to be made daily all with intention of still meeting the goals set for ourselves. The plans will change but goals do not! Is a principle I live by. Once you’ve made and set your goal you need to stick to it and make it work.

So every day expect change, make choices that are in line with your overall goals and use your principles to guide you in doing so.

Let me know your thoughts on this quote and what it means to you.