How to build loyal fans with effective Timeline photos

How to build loyal fans with effective Timeline photos

“Facebook wants your Page cover photo to be an eye-catching photograph, not an advertisement or wordy graphic.”


This is the intended result from Facebook’s new cover design rules for this premium piece of real estate on your Facebook business page. In fact, this holds true for all your Social Media platforms, like Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Using your Timeline cover photos effectively will capture the eye and intrigue of your audience so that they continue to engage with your business on a regular basis.

4 Hot Tips To Create Effective Timeline Covers

1. What photos to include?

“Images are a powerful way to create an emotional state, so your Page’s cover photo should embody the essence of your brand. Use high-quality photos that are in focus, have a balanced colour and good lighting …”. Above all, be unique and use images that represent your brand and your business.

Here are a few ideas of photos to include:

  • Lifestyle images of yourself that portray you as the leader in your industry that conveys your brand essence.
  • Candid photos of your customers using and enjoying your products and services
  • Your core popular products/services
  • Logos of awards you’ve won and you winning the awards.


2. What text to include?

Engage your audience on an emotional level to grab their attention. Be inspiring and empowering, no one wants to be sold to.

Here’s what to include:

  • Company tagline or short phrase that explains what your business does
  • An impactful word that embodies your brand
  • An Inspiring and emotive quote
  • Names of people in your photo

3. Protect your brand by being consistent

“Establishing a consistent look and feel across pages and personal profiles, Timeline for pages provides significantly more opportunities to create a visually compelling page…”. You never know where your audience will be consuming your content at any one time, so you need to have consistency with your branding across all the platforms you engage in. A similar look will ensure your audience feels reassured that your message is consistent and congruent.


4. Update regularly.

According to ‘The Content Queen’ your Businesses Facebook Timeline photos needs replacing every 3 months! 
This is to keep your content, for your audience, fresh and current. And on Facebook updating your Timeline Cover will place it in the newsfeed which helps to promote your business a second time. It’s a good idea to create a series of Timeline images for the year, possibly based seasonally or in line with your campaigns so they are ready to use before they are required.


Include the right photos and text, be consistent across all platforms and refresh your Timeline photos regularly to maximise your opportunity at engaging your prospects and clients.

Have a look at these great examples by our clients …

Here are some examples by our clients, from Entrepreneurs with Alarm Systems to Personal Training and Marketing. Check out how they’ve structured their Timeline cover photos. And yes, you’ll see there are many from Ben Angel, and why because he does it so damn well! See the consistency between his Facebook (many examples), Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube banners, they’re all On-Brand.

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