Great event photos capture the fleeing moments, the fun and excitement plus the significance of you special event.

Every major milestone in your business is a time to be celebrated and cherished. Delivering you Keynote presentation at conferences, conducting seminars and workshops, launching you book, Networking events, Celebrations and lastly, Openings and Launches, are all prime milestones that need to be captured in the right light, not for prosperity’s sake, but more importantly, for your Personal Branding’s sake.

With great event photos you can use them to publicise your milestone through many media channels to raise your profile so attract the right type of future clients. And not just the one time, once your milestone is recorded you can use the photos for years to come to continually build on your good work.


When you deliver your Keynote speech at a conference in front of hundreds or thousands of people this is a perfect opportunity to capture yourself on stage in front of your audience at your best. Nothing says leader, top of your field and professional as photographs of you speaking in front of a packed house.


Delivering a 1/2 or full day seminar means that you have lots of content to share. And in that sharing there are plenty of variety of photographs that can portray you a leader and entrepreneur. Your engagement with the participants, their attentiveness in listening to your presentation and the atmosphere of the whole event will give you a variety of images that you can use to build your Personal Brand.


As a Key Person of Influence in your field you will no doubt would have written a book sharing your knowledge and unique perspective on your expertise. Your book launch event is the perfect PR opportunity to get as many photos of you and your VIPs to raise your profile through association with them. Your photos can then be used to highly promote yourself in the print media such as newspapers, magazine and journals and on-line with social media, your website and news channels. The PR avenues are endless and a plan ahead of time will mean that you get the photos you need and that you’ll have a purpose for their use.


With more and more networking groups being created there’s a need for professional photos to best capture the mood and feel of your event. Trying to do it on the cheap with your Smartphone will make you look unprofessional, not valuing your audience and ultimately devalue your brand. You want people to be able to share the photos from the event with pride and tag themselves on Social Media so that your event gets known as the one to be at.


The End of the Financial Year, Christmas, company anniversaries and major milestone are all prime events ripe for a party. They’re about sharing the good times and celebrating your successes. So make sure that the moment is not lost on alcohol and food but that the memories can be captured and they can live on through your event photos and to make it even more memorable you can get your self a photo book to have a permanent hardcopy for the good times.


The opening of a new store, a factory , the launch of a product range or the start of your business venture calls the a event to be remembered. Major milestones are not had everyday. Capturing these events will allow you to look back and reflect on where you have come from and all that you have achieved. So make sure you arrange to get our Event Photographers in and you won’t miss a moment.